How to make your room and kitchen eco-friendly? January 6, 2021 January 6, 2021 MadelaineCappetta

Changing our lifestyle can really help in making our house an eco-friendly place. The regular use of synthetic chemicals to complete daily chores is affecting the whole climate. 

So, instead of following the trends, it is better to set some new ones. The ones that can help in designing the world a safe and clean place to live. This article would guide some practical and effective suggestions to change your house into an eco-friendly oasis.

Changes to do in your bedroom.

Your bedroom is your most used room, and any lifestyle change is linked to your bedroom. You need to change the following things in your bedroom to maintain an eco-friendly house.

The mattress

Using a synthetic mattress is a major downside. Placing some good plants in your bedroom is not enough; you need to change the surface you sleep on.

The best choice to make here is organic mattresses. Even if you are buying the memory foams, try to find the best, which can be an eco-friendly choice. Check out the Newsweek article on the best memory foam mattress.

On the other hand, latex foams are the most reliable ones. They are made of the processed sap without any synthetic chemical—best for your health and sleep.


When changing the mattress, also think of replacing the old foam made pillows. The latex foam pillows are also available in the market, or you may buy the organic bamboo pillow. You can also get a customized pillow with a natural pillow fill, such as latex, wool, and cotton.

The sheets

Prefer the material over the prints. The cotton sheets are the best, and for a fancy look, you may shift to silk bed sheets only.

Platform bed

The platform bed is also an essential article in your room. Still, it is also made up of harmful materials. the most prevalent manufacturing ingredient of the platform bed is plywood or particleboard. Both of these materials are not safe for your health. Try replacing your old plywood bed platform with wood treated with zero-VOC. 

Changes for the kitchen

Thinking of changing the dishwashing habit might feel weird, but yes, it is possible.

Here is what you should change.


Try using cellulose sponges for dishwashing instead of plastic sponges.

Reusable towels and food wraps

Switch the tissue papers and disposable food wraps with paper towels and reusable food wraps. 

The dish soaps

The liquid dishwashing soap is very concentrated; a better and safe option is the soap block.

What else should you do?

If you want to go the extra mile, you can adopt the following things.

  • Try using the LED bulbs.
  • Add plants to your house; this will increase the oxygen content of the air.
  • Clean and install new water filters.
  • Use home-made cleaning products.
  • Limit and check the use of electricity in your house.  


An eco-friendly house will be a haven for you and your family and a gift for the world. Maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle is a piece of cake, if and only if you are keen to achieve it. It only involves a few simple changes, and that is it.